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Barrymore Talks About Poker

Poker is enjoying an unprecedented popularity, and fresh from the trails of the record breaking world series of poker 2006 comes in a movie that features - you guessed it-poker.

Lucky You is the new upcoming poker drama starring Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana.

In an interview, Barrymore talks about the movie and ... well, poker. In Lucky You, Barrymore plays the girlfriend of a poker pro played by Eric Bana. When asked about her opinion on the popularity of the game she said:

"You can be from anywhere. You can be a 16-year-old who plays on the Internet or Doyle Brunson or a woman from a small town or a mover and shaker, and everybody is accepted. There is a lack of discrimination. And the fact that it's a lot about skill and yet there is a little luck involved."

Barrymore admits to being a bit of a poker player herself. "I play with friends on the weekend. We break out pitchers of beer and play Texas hold 'em. I like any sport where you can drink beer."

Asked if there is anyone else famous in her group of "poker buddies", she replied:

"My best friend is a makeup artist. My other friend is writer for Rolling Stone. I'll try to get my boyfriend to play. He was sort of into it for a while, but he's not so into it anymore."


October 08, 2006
John Tucker

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