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Cake Poker 2.0 Offers New Gaming Features for Players

Poker players may not see the slogan "Protect the Fish" on baseball caps and T-shirts yet, but it is a motto that Cake Poker Card Room Manager Lee Jones firmly advocates and it is a belief that has guided the online poker site through its recent re-launched.

Jones said that they have a complete and working ecosystem in the site. He said that they both have a fish and a predator population and if it gets out of balance, the whole system will collapse.

With that goal in mind, Cake Poker 2.0 re-launched in private beta on May 4th, 2010-complete with a number of changes, like a new feature that permits all players access to their own statistics.

Jones said that they are the online poker site that gives this kind of complete information to players. He said that they wanted to do something that would aid casual poker players to become better in the game. He added that they believe that it will be beneficial to the whole Cake Poker community.

Jones said that the new feature would not do as much as gaming programs that players can acquire like Poker Tracker, but he believes that it will help level the playing field.

Some of the other changes in the site include resizable poker tables, a main lobby that features advanced filtering choices, poker tournament reminders and others.

Jones believes that these changes will help Cake Poker became more competitive with other well-known online poker sites. Jones said that their intent is to make sure that they are competing evenly with other popular online poker sites. He added that with their brand new software, they can attract more customers.

The new changes are only available in private beta but they will soon be available to the public in the coming weeks.


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