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WinHoldEm Download Tool


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Category:Poker Statistics Analyzer/Tracker

Description:WinHoldEm, an impressive Poker Statistics Analyzer/Tracker that does the dirty work for you while you reap the benefits with the help of a Pokerbot that you can program with a multitude of personalities.

Poker Tool Features And Details

Graphics:Possibly a bit too busy, but on the whole they do the job well.
Features: If you're keen on winning at Poker games but want someone to do all the dirty work for you, a Pokerbot would be the perfect solution. WinHoldEm is one of the best. You program it by feeding it all the information and it does the rest.
Gameplay/Usabilty/Interface: Given the complexity of the equations at play and all the data you have to enter into the program, many people may be scared off by the intricacy and appearance of the WinHoldEm setup. There are many things to see, read and understand - so much that some may walk away halfway through the instructions. If you are serious about using a Pokerbot, take the time to read and understand how WinHoldEm works and operating it won’t be a problem.
Lasting Appeal/Lasting Value: If you find that the WinHoldEm Pokerbot works, it could be doing all the work while you reap the benefits. A losing Pokerbot would be a problem, but this Pokerbot can actually make money for you.
Online Service: There is a help section and a support section, as well as a forum.
Cost: You can download a trial for free. In addition, there are a number of 1 year subscription versions you can buy - the deluxe $200 version, standard $100, the basic $50 or the elementary $25.
Overall Review: WinHoldEm is not a toy, so it may not be for everyone. If you are serious about poker and prepared to do all the research and preparation, than by all means try it out. If not, then you should probably give it a miss.
PC Requirements: An Operating System of Windows2000, WindowsXP or Windows2003. The CPU should be Pentium 2 or greater and the color depth should be 24bit or 32bit. You need 1MB for the full installation and a Network NIC or modem connection to the Internet.
Publisher: PokerBot
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