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Wilson Software Poker Tools Download Tool

Wilson Software Poker Tools

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Category:Poker Training Software

Description:Wilson Software, the Rolls-Royce of Poker Training Software, offers 6 poker games with high attention to detail and breaks down your sessions, analyzing the way you play and notifying you of your errors.

Poker Tool Features And Details

Graphics: State of the Art
Features: What doesn’t it have? This software offers you 6 games. In turn, it breaks down every conceivable piece of information you could get from a poker hand. The Sidewinder Sid Analysis Program will analyze the way you play and notify you of your errors. Thereafter, you can change every aspect of the game and tailor it to what you want, thus giving you the chance to master different scenarios.
Gameplay/Usabilty/Interface: Very high. This was devised with poker players in mind and it shows. The attention to detail is staggering.
Lasting Appeal/Lasting Value: Through the roof. Not only will you be hooked on this and testing out all the permutations and combinations, but you will have as much fun playing this it as you will real poker.
Online Service: There is a contact email address and phone number. Additionally, the software comes with a comprehensive online guide that covers everything.
Cost: There is a wide assortment of software packages with each of the basic packages costing $59.95 + $3 for shipping and handling. For those who wish to upgrade their existing software, they can do so for $19.95 + $3 for shipping and handling. There is a special offer of $199.95 for the 6 packages of Turbo Texas Hold'em, Tournament Texas Hold'em, Turbo Omaha High-Low Split, Turbo Omaha High Only, Turbo 7-Card Stud and Turbo Stud 8/or better.
Overall Review: This is the Rolls-Royce of poker software. For those who already know how to play poker and are looking for something to iron out the kinks in their game and take them to the next level, this is the perfect tool.
PC Requirements: N/A
Publisher: Wilson Software
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