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Vice and SWAT Officers Raid Dallas Illegal Poker Games

Over the third weekend of November, Dallas Vice and SWAT officers raided one of the biggest illegal gambling activities in North Texas. Three consecutive raids have been reported recently, an indication of how rampant illegal poker games are in Dallas, and how vigilant officers are in trying to stop them.

Some argue that the games are just a game between friends, but police are insistent that the activities are a promotion of gambling and are working double time to clear the city of the crime.

"It's not regulated, so the people that are running these poker houses charge a lot of money," said Lt. Christina Smith with the Dallas Police. "There's no way to check to see if what they are doing is proper."

100 players were rounded up during the raid. At the raid conducted at the northwest Dalls office complex, windows were broken to gain entry. This raid, along with the raids done on Foest Lane and Swiss Avenue yielded the arrests of 20 operators and dealers, 79 citations for players and a total of $43,000 in siezed cash.

"You got billions of dollars going through online all across the U.S. This is a family game. That's about it," Player Michael McCoy said.


November 23, 2006
Pauline Davis

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