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Three to Five Guts Poker

Three to Five Guts Overview

Suitable for 3-8 players, Three to Five Guts is a guts game with a betting round.

Three to Five Guts Rules

Before the deal, players ante up, placing a small sum in the pot. Then the dealer gives each player three cards. Players simultaneously declare whether they are in or out. This is done by taking a coin and placing it under the table. If the player brings his hand up with the coin in it, he is in. If the player brings his hand up with no coin, he has folded.

Once everyone has declared, the dealer gives two more cards to every player who stayed in. Then there is a round of betting. This round generally goes to a side pot. In turn, players choose to call the current bet, matching it, raise the bet, forcing anyone who wishes to stay in to add more money to the pot. The player may also fold, relinquishing any rights to either pot. The player who holds the best poker hand wins both pots. Players who stayed in at the point when players declared in or out must match the original pot.

The cards are re-shuffled and the game begins again. The game continues until only one player stays in. That player wins the whole pot, and the game is completed

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