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Stolen Poker Machines Complaint Leads to Stolen Christmas Trees

New Hampshire police officers looking for stolen poker machines this week were surprised to find a haul of stolen Christmas trees instead.

Derry Police were alerted to proceed to the Pancake Hut following the report of a break-in. The owner of the Pancake Hut reported that his 5 video poker machines had been stolen, the estimated value of which was $15,000.

Police searching for the stolen poker game machines this week hit a Christmas tree jackpot instead.

"We investigated and determined that, yes, in fact, there were 5 video poker machines missing," Capt. Vern Thomas said. "Nothing else appeared to be missing. From there, we conducted a neighborhood search of the surrounding homes."

While police conducted the investigation, they went to an apartment on Birch Street, a venue that was located right behind Pancake Hut. "We spoke to a neighbor at Birch Street, Jennifer Lund," Thomas said. "Mrs. Lund was apparently intoxicated. She spoke to us about some crimes that occurred to her property. During that investigation, we discovered 2 Christmas trees that appeared to be stolen."

Police then made contact with a Christmas tree selling florist that operated business just across the street from Lund. The florist reported that to their knowledge, no trees were missing. Nonetheless, they did provide clues as to how their trees looked: marked with paint at the bottom with a distinctive plastic netting.

The trees matched the ones found in Lund's apartment. She was charged with receiving stolen property, as well as assault for spitting on a police officer.


March 04, 2007
Michael Orwell

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