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Steps Poker Tournaments

The Steps poker tournament, originally established by Party Poker, is a series of Single-table Satellite poker tournaments with continually higher buy-ins, peaking with huge cash prizes at the last step.

Usually, a Step poker tournament has 5 Steps.

The prize for the first Step winners is entry into the second Step poker tournament, where they will battle for entry into the third Step, etc.

Furthermore, players can continue to participate in Steps poker tournaments even after being knocked down to lower Steps.

Ordinarily, players have the option of buying in to the Steps tournament at any Step, although the buy-in at the higher Steps is significantly higher than the lower Steps.

Nonetheless, the prizes awarded at the last Step are huge, thanks to the amount of buy-ins paid at the earlier Steps.

Some poker tournaments enable you to win a seat to the same step or one of the lower ones, but this is un-advisable because you may find yourself stuck playing the same steps endlessly.

In addition, Steps poker tournaments enable Single Table winners to decide when they want to enter the coming round of online games. For example, a player who wins step one of a tournament will get a buy-in to step two, which he can decide to participate in up to weeks following his win of Step one.

John Tucker - Editorial Manager

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