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Sony Online Entertainment Developing High Stakes Poker for PS3

On May 11, 2007, Sony Online Entertainment announced that they are currently developing a poker game called High Stakes on the Las Vegas Strip: Poker Edition for the PS3 entertainment system.

The poker game will give players the chance to practice and enhance their skills in Texas Hold'em poker, Super Hold'em Poker, Billabong, Tahoe and Shanghai. Each type of poker can be classified as limit, pot limit or no limit hold'em poker.

The Multiplayer option is available for each of the games and can accommodate 6 players at a given time. The poker game also has high definition feature.

Vice President of Marketing for Sony Online Entertainment, Michael Lustenberger, said that being one of the first PS3 network publishers to release a game that utilizes the EyeToy USB Camera for the PS and other PC Compatible USB Cameras is not only interesting, but it also allows the player to play in an interesting environment.

Players of the game have the option of logging-in for a quick poker match or choosing to play for the entire poker season. The game also has a turbo mode which helps players advance their careers.

The players can also see their statistics and compare them with the other players. The players can also use their points to get items like a character which they can customize.


June 12, 2007
John Tucker

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