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Six Back Poker

Six-Back Poker Overview

Six-Back Poker is a simple variation on Five Card Draw, a draw poker game. Appropriate for 3-8 players, Six-Back differs from Five Card Draw in that players initially receive six cards. They end up with only five cards, though.

Six-Back Poker Rules

Before play begins, each player must ante up by placing a small sum in the pot. After the antes have been collected, the dealer gives each player six cards. The players examine their cards, and there is a round of betting.

In a round of betting, players may choose to stay in by checking (that is, they have already wagered enough money to stay in) or by calling the current bet (that is, adding whatever is missing from the current bet.) They may also raise the current bet, forcing any other player who wishes to stay in to add more money to the pot. If the player wishes to stop adding to the pot and stop playing, they may fold.

When the betting round is completed, each player must give 1-4 cards to the dealer. If they hold an ace, they may give five cards to the dealer. The dealer gives them one less card than they gave the dealer, meaning each player now has a five card hand.

This is followed by a betting round. At the end of the betting round is a showdown. Each player shows their hand and the player with the best hand

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