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Satellite Poker Tournaments (aka Qualifiers)

A Satellite tournament, or a qualifier is a unique tournament where the entrance into a different tournament is the prize. Satellite tournaments allow the player to gain entrance into a major thrifty tournament without having to pay a large amount of money. Thus, Satellites are a notorious way for players to enter main tournaments when they would rather not buy-in with large sums.

The Satellite poker tournament is actually a variation of a Multi Table tournament in that it rewards the winner with the chance to step up. With the sudden death aspect of online poker tournaments, to stay in the tournament without busting is truly a great effort.

The buy-in for a Satellite tournament is much smaller than the buy-in for the main tournament, most often between one-tenth and one-fiftieth of the buy-in for the main event.

Satellite tournaments are held at many venues throughout the country, as well as on the Internet.

The best players in the event win seats to the main tournament. The number of seats depends on the participation. Each Satellite has at least one table and some award more than one seat into the main tournament.

A Satellite tournament can even have its own mini-satellites. Satellite tournaments can also be FPP (Frequent Player Point) Freerolls, where a player can use FPPs to buy-in and win entrance into online or offline tournaments.

Satellite tournaments enable many players to win entry to the World Series of Poker. You can win your way into the tournament by winning satellite tournaments, a method that is far less expensive than paying for a seat. The initial satellite level can be $5.50, while at the end of the trail entry to an online poker tournament that costs as much as $10,000 could await you.

Michael Orwell - Editorial Board

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