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Robber Targets High Stakes Poker Game

Cops recently told the media that a man who had recently robbed a local business shop in Beaufort St., Normal, Illinois, was most probably targeting an illegal, high-stakes poker game.

Police Sgt. Scott Johnson said the burglar raided Prime Time Pizza and managed to escape with an undetermined "substantial amount" of cash.

Asked to estimate the poker cash at the time of the heist, Johnson told reporters, "Let's just say it wasn't a nickel and dime game of poker."

Johnson said six people emptied their pockets to the lone suspect before he left the Texas Hold'Em style tournament and fled in the direction of the Constitution Trail.

Police made an attempt to trail him with the aid of a dog, but the suspect had ran away.

Investigators probed the robbery by interviewing witnesses as well as gamers and spectators during the night's game.

"We were given a name or two of possible suspects, but this was a well-known game that's been going on," Johnson told reporters, adding the investigation was going to be "difficult."

Although Illinois deems poker games as illegal, Johnson was not sure if the gamers would be charged with a crime. He, however, said that any filing of charges regarding the matter will be up to the McLean County State's Attorney's Office.


September 27, 2006
Pauline Davis

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