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Poker Stove

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Category:Poker Odds Calculator

Description:Poker Stove, a free Poker Odds Calculator that advises online poker players taking into account the full range of possible optimizations, while color coding a player's odds of winning the hand.

Poker Tool Features And Details

Graphics:Easy to decipher, especially since your odds of winning the hand are even color coded for your benefit.
Features: Poker Stove tries to help you calculate the odds of what is going to happen given all of the information you have. Unlike many other poker odds calculators, it takes the full range of possible optimizations into account. Additionally, there are some articles behind the rationale of the odds calculator, as well as a Poker Trace which would be used to analyze hand histories, that is not yet fully operational.
Gameplay/Usabilty/Interface: Simple to operate and understand. Just enter the details and it does the rest.
Lasting Appeal/Lasting Value: It is handy to have on your computer for whenever you want to perform the calculations. Poker Stove gives you the odds quickly, but then the decision is still yours to make.
Online Service: There are contact details if you wish to contact them.
Cost: Free
Overall Review: Poker Stove is a simple odds calculator that carries out its stated purpose well. Of course, it's up to you whether or not this is sufficient.
PC Requirements: N/A
Publisher: RPS Consulting
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