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Poker Academy Download Tool

Poker Academy

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Category:Poker Training Software

Description:Poker Academy, one of the very best Poker Training Softwares available, which tailors to players of all levels with realistic graphics, action graphs, a hand evaluator and infinite options.

Poker Tool Features And Details

Graphics:As realistic as anything out there. It makes you feel like you're actually in Las Vegas.
Features: Many different poker scenarios which you can change according to your preference. This allows Poker Academy the flexibility of tailoring to both beginners and more advanced players. All the tournament options are better than practically anything else out there, like the advisor and game-play advice. There are also action graphs indicating the suggested course of action as well as a hand evaluator.
Gameplay/Usabilty/Interface: Using Artificial Intelligence from the University of Alberta which has been 10 years in the making, Poker Academy has developed realistic state of the art software.
Lasting Appeal/Lasting Value: The infinite amount of options and combinations ensure endless appeal.
Online Service: Online updates as well as a detailed support area.
Cost: Free limited download or $129 full purchase.
Overall Review: If not the best, Poker Academy is one of the very best online poker softwares out there. It has the potential to transform a mediocre player into a great one. Although it may be a tad pricey for some, the price-tag is justified in what it can do to improve your game, so it should pay itself off in no time.
PC Requirements: Operating System of Windows 98 or better. There should be at least 128MB of RAM, 200MB of disk space and a CPU of 800.
Publisher: BioTools Incorporated
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