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General Online Poker Player Actions

Following are the basic player actions that are common to all online poker variants.

Check - If no one has bet before you in a betting round, you have the option to check, meaning to call with a bet of $0. You do not place anything in the pot, and the turn continues to the next player, that can also decide to check. If all players check, then play moves on to the next stage.

Bet - To put chips or a wager into the pot is called to bet. This person is the one that opens the betting. Online poker games sometimes have limits where the bet is a set sum.

Call - To call is to equal the bet or raise made by the players before you. For example, if the previous player bets $10 and another player raises by $10 then you would need to put $20 in the pot to call.

Raise - To raise is to increase the amount of the previous bet. For example, if the tables betting limit is $4 and one player bets $4, the other poker player can raise by $4 making his total bet for that round $8.

Fold - To put your cards face down on the online poker table and quit the current hand. A player usually folds either because he has a bad hand, or because he doesn’t want or cannot call the previous bet.

Making the right poker move can make the difference between winning or losing the game. To avoid begginer's mistakes make sure you understand what every move means first and as always, keep your self updated using our online poker learning materials.

John Tucker - Editorial Manager

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