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Online Poker Legalization Act Approved by California's Senate Governmental Organization Committee

The California Gaming Control/Intrastate Online Poker Legalization Act, which was sponsored by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, a member of the Democratic Party from Van Nuys was given the nod of approval by the Senate Governmental Organization Committee on June 24th, 2008 on a six-one vote, with amendments to push forward on making regulations and generating predictions for potential profit.

The Attorney General's Division of Gaming Control, the state Gaming Control Commission and the Legislative Counsel will now pushed a structure for the system, study potential profits and make regulations to be place in the proposal's bill as it moves before the Senate Appropriations Committee in August, its final review before it move to the Senate floor.

The President of Poker Voters of America, Jim Tabilio stated that his group, which is the bill's main civilian sponsor said that they are happy with the decision of the committee. He added that it is a good signal that the lawmakers are treating the issue seriously. Their main plan is to gather people and groups that have interest on the proposal to help make its final version and will help protect California residents who enjoy playing on online casinos and maximize the profits for the state.

Tablio said that they have said 4 months ago that their main goal was to make a regulated Internet instrastate gaming system that follows the Federal law and protects players by licensing legal and secured gaming alternatives compared with offshore internet poker. The decision of the Senate committee just confirms that they are taking the right path in accomplishing their goal.


July 17, 2008
Jeremy Evans

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