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Omaha Poker

Omaha poker may have the reputation of the toughest poker game around, but will give you all the gear you need to learn how to play and conquer this poker variant. But first things first, you must know Texas Holdem before attempting to tackle Omaha poker. Thus, we recommend brushing up on Texas Holdem poker prior to approaching Omaha rules and jumping into Omaha strategy.

Since different skills are needed for different poker variants, a poker player could be mediocre when it comes to Texas Holdem poker, but brilliant at Omaha. Furthermore, even though Omaha poker is often considered a complex and perplexing game, it can be viewed as easier than Texas Holdem in the sense that many of the choices a player has to make in Omaha are self-evident.

The qualities that usually attract poker players to Omaha poker are:

  • the chance to play many hands
  • ongoing action
  • big pots

Thanks to the availability of poker sites, beginners can build up their skills with free Omaha poker. Therefore, at, you can practice by playing any one of a multitude of free games. In order to progress to playing at a competitive level, intermediate and expert players of Omaha poker usually invest plenty of time and energy in both online poker rooms and/or poker halls trying to master this poker game.

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