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Omaha Poker Pre-Flop Strategy

Each Omaha hand begins with each player dealt four cards. Ultimately you will only be using two of these four cards and this is one of the key facets of Omaha Poker pre-flop strategy which you can never forget. Given that, do you have the ability to make a flush or straight from your starting hand? If you do that gives you extra winning hand options which is the name of the game when it comes to playing internet poker online.

Before the flop everything is pretty much in the air, such being the case, the best omaha poker pre-flop strategy is to play conservative and wait until you see what the flop is. Not many people are going to fold before the flop unless it is an exorbitant amount they are required to call. This is basic online poker strategy.

Omaha Poker is probably the loosest form of online poker there is and you should keep this is mind.

Pauline Davis - Poker Expert
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