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Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Introduction

This section's purpose is to assist poker lovers in acquiring Omaha Hi/Lo poker (aka Eight or Better, Omaha Hi/Lo Split, or Omaha Eight), the world's absolute favorite split poker game. On, novices can learn how to play Omaha Hi/Lo poker, while players that are familiar with the game can improve their poker skills via the useful strategies provided here.

Omaha Hi/Lo poker is a close relative of Omaha in the poker family. Thus, it is important to completely comprehend Omaha before plunging into Omaha Hi/Lo poker games, so we definitely recommend that you take a look at's Omaha section.

The main difference between the 2 poker variants is that in Omaha Hi/Lo there are 2 winners - the best high hand earns 50% of the pot, while the best low hand receives the other 50% if it qualifies. In a case where none of the players has a low hand that qualifies, the best high hand gets the whole pot!

Of course, the best way to learn a new game is to practice. Fortunately, 21st century technology endows poker lovers with the chance to learn Omaha Hi/Lo poker and apply that knowledge on free poker sites. In addition, playing free online poker is an excellent way to prepare for real money poker games.

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