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Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Turn Strategy

You've now seen the turn and you know have a good idea of how the hand will finish up.

As you know from online poker strategy and being in out and of online poker rooms you have a pretty good idea by the turn of what is going to go down.

Some say this will be either hit or miss. Bet if you have the cards, fold if you don’t which is sound Omaha Hi/Lo poker turn strategy.

If you have the nut high and there can't be a low bet softly so you don't scare people away.

If you have the nut high and there could be a low if it comes on the river than bet big to scare people away. You don't want to have to split the pot with a low hand.

If you have the nut high and there already is a low then just follow everyone else because you can be assured that the low hands will be pushing the betting up.

Omaha Hi/Lo Poker turn strategy says that if there can't be a low hand and you don't have the nut high or anything near it, fold.

If there can be a low hand on the river, call if the pot odds aren't too steep.

If there already is a low, how low is your low? The last thing you want to do is quarter which is splitting the low with someone else.

If you are a chance of scooping then just follow the lead of the others at the table.

Unlike other forms of online poker, your hand won't probably change that much at the river. Let Omaha Hi/Lo Poker turn strategy influence your decisions.

William Atkins - Poker Stategist
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