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Omaha Hi/Lo Poker River Strategy

Now thanks to Omaha Hi/Lo Poker River Strategy, you have a pretty exact idea of where you stand. There either is a low or there isn't and the cards on the table are going to dictate exactly how low you can go because everyone has to use three of them in order to make their low.

With your online poker strategy, you want to make good decisions here as this is the place where you will make or break your reputation as an online poker player.

The more low cards there are on the table the lower the nut low could be. This is as if there are only three on the table you stand a good chance of being counterfeited.

If you are in the running for the high hand, how high is your high. If there is a pair on the table, Omaha Hi/Lo Poker river strategy will tell you that chances are someone has a full house. How high is your full house? If there are three of a suit on the table, someone most likely has the flush.

Like with all online poker forms, the more people still in the hand the better your hand has to be in order to be the winning one.

At this stage, rither you have the best hand or you don’t. If you don’t, most likely someone else does and so you should fold. You don’t want to get sucked into the thinking that because you have already bet so much that one more bet won’t make a difference. You need to try not to be one of those people who people shake their head at thinking, “What on earth was that guy thinking with that hand to still be in the hand?”

If you have the hand, people are usually so pot committed by now that you can bet the maximum and they will call you. If not, you still win a monster pot. If in doubt, follow your instincts and Omaha Hi/Lo Poker river strategy.

Pauline Davis - Poker Expert
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