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Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Pre-flop Strategy

You can only have a qualifying Omaha Hi/Lo low hand if you have two cards which are 8 or less. Due to counterfeiting, the more low cards you have the better your chances of making a low hand. So first thing you need to do is see how many low cards you have and exactly how low they are. Omaha Hi/Lo is the type of poker online where you really have to be concentrating and switched in to your Omaha Hi/Lo Poker pre-flop strategy.

You want your low cards to be as low as possible as having 8-6 reduces any chances of you having the lowest hand to nil. The more players in the hand the better you need your low hand to be if you are going to win.

The only reason you would not see it to the flop is if someone makes a ridiculously large bet. But given the loose nature of Omaha Hi/Lo Poker games, the high number of people who usually call, could make you calling as well worthwhile. This can affect your online poker strategy as well as your Omaha Hi/Lo Poker pre-flop strategy.

Before the flop comes you already what to be thinking of what could happen. What are your prospective chances of scooping the pot? Having an Ace aids your chances immensely as it can act as both a high and low card. Aces are generally the most powerful card in online poker.

William Atkins - Poker Stategist
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