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Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Flop Strategy

The flop has now come and it will give you a great idea of what your hand will be. What does Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Flop Strategy say to do next? If you are looking to make a low hand, you would already want four of your prospective low hand to be in place otherwise you are relying on drawing to a runner-runner low finish which can prove to be very expensive as other types of online poker games would have proven to you.

In Omaha Hi/Lo many people stay in the pot simply because they are looking for the low hand. This is not good Omaha Hi/Lo Poker flop strategy. If you have a good high hand and only one eligible low card appears on the flop you stand a good chance of winning the entire pot. Bet aggressively to make any low seekers staying in the pot pay for the privilege. You would be best off though waiting until you are positive that there can be no eligible low hand before going for it.

If though you are looking for low in this situation, good online poker strategy in this situation would be to fold.

If it looks like your high hand is only so-so and that a low will probably appear you should fold.

If you are drawing for low you need to be careful as the best you can do is half the pot. Quartering and counterfeiting make it even less profitable.

Try to rely on the instincts you have gained from playing online poker to guide your online poker strategy on whether or not to keep going or fold.

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