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Limit Betting

In Limit betting, bets and raises are set at a fixed limit in any round of the poker tournament .

Most often, poker tournaments with Limit betting provide fixed bets for different betting rounds or Spread Limits, where for each round there is a minimum and maximum bet.

For instance, $5-10 Limit Hold'em most often necessitates $5 bets and raises in the first 2 rounds, and $10 bets and raises in the last 2 rounds.

Many times games and tournaments are called Low Limit, Medium Limit, and High Limit. The following are the usual figures at these games:

  • Low Limit 2-4, 3-6, and 5-10
  • Medium Limit 10-20, 20-40, and 30-60
  • High Limit 50-100 and up

More commonly, the word limit is used in order to refer to a given level of stakes, or the maximum bet at a certain point.

John Tucker - Editorial Manager

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