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Kristy Gazes - "Mixed Games" Kristy


Kristy Gazes is one of the best female poker players there are. With 20 years experience under her belt, this LA girl is one of the longest playing.

Working as an editor of documentary films and post-production coordinator during the day and playing poker at night, Gazes honed her game alongside the biggest names in Los Angeles. She started out playing with a fake ID in Commerce casino several nights a week.

Six years into play, Gazes decided it was time to start playing higher limits realizing that poker was her best bet on making more money than her other job. Learning Hi/Lo games she became a full-time pro and earned her nickname "Mixed Games" for her familiarity with several poker games.

After a slow start she has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the biggest names in the ladies game. The World Championship of Online Poker - Omaha high low split title in 2003 is owned by "Mixed Games."

Her biggest achievement came in 2005 at the Full Tilt Poker Championship in Wynn, Las Vegas when she took first place over well-known Ted Forest. Kristy Gazes is especially adept at high-low split and mixed games like H.O.R.S.E and it was through here that she met and formerly married Bill Gazes.

She loves to travel and spend time with her kids. She lives most of the time in Hawaii where she dreams to eventually live year round.

Currently her live tournament winnings surpass $400,000.

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