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Kings and Little Ones Poker

Kings and Little Ones Overview

Kings and Little Ones is a simple variant on Five Card Draw, which gives every player a wild card and makes kings wild. Kings and Little Ones is generally played by 3-8 players.

Kings and Little Ones Rules

Before the initial deal, each player must ante up or place the initial, small bet. The dealer then distributes five cards to each player. They are distributed face down, and players do not show their cards to anyone else. They look at the cards, and then the first round of betting begins. In the betting round, each player, starting with the player to the left of the dealer and moving clockwise around the table, needs to make a choice. They can check/call meaning that they match the amount of the current bet. It is called checking if no additional funds are needed, while adding funds to match the current bet is referred to as calling. They may also raise, adding more money than the current bet and forcing other players to add more money in order to stay in the game. If the player does not wish to add any more money and wants to stop playing, they can fold. A player who folds cannot win the pot.

Once the round of betting is completed, each player may choose to give up to three cards back to the dealer. The dealer replaces them with the same number of cards, dealt from the top of the deck. If the player holds an ace, they may replace four cards. After the cards are swapped, there is another round of betting, followed by a showdown. In a showdown, each player shows their hand. In Kings and Little Ones, the smallest number in each player’s hand is wild. Additionally, all kings are wild. A player can choose whether the ace is played as high or low. If the ace is low, it is wild. If it is high, then the next lowest card is wild. Bearing this in mind, the player holding the best poker hand wins the pot.

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