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JDY PokerTracking Download Tool

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Category:Poker Statistics Analyzer/Tracker

Description:PokerTracking, an elaborate Poker Statistics Analyzer/Tracker that presents an exact breakdown of each playing session in an effort to improve your poker game by isolating your strengths and weaknesses.

Poker Tool Features And Details

Graphics:Very impressive, as one would expect from something which prides itself on the visual presentation of its data.
Features: PokerTracking gives the user an exact breakdown of each of his playing sessions. This elaborate breakdown is presented in an effort to isolate strengths and weaknesses.
Gameplay/Usabilty/Interface: With the option of spitting out 33 base and 396 possible graphs, PokerTracking has every angle covered.
Lasting Appeal/Lasting Value: The amount of time a player would want this kind of detailed information and analysis around for remains to be seen. For those who play often and for whom all the sessions become a blur, this is an invaluable tool.
Online Service: Forums, FAQ section and feedback.
Cost: Free.
Overall Review: With PokerTracking, you may find out something about your poker game you never knew before. It is also very simple and effective, and that in turn makes it more than useful.
PC Requirements: Just a PC or a MAC
Publisher: JDY Consulting
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