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Basic Texas Holdem Poker Turn Strategy

You have six cards of the seven and the hand is taking shape. You have already lost a few players along the way and now the Texas Holdem Poker Turn Based Strategy comes into play. Your chances of being an excellent online poker player will largely be determined by what happens here.

You know have your penultimate card and you have a pretty good idea of how good your hand is relative to what’s out there and how good your online poker hand can be.

If you were staying it to draw and didn’t hit it then only stay in if you don’t have to bet too much to do so. If you are looking for it on the river then its up to you to decide to stay in depending on how much the price is. On the flipside if you know your opponent will be looking to draw on the river than raise heavily and make them pay for the privilege.

If it is clear that you don't have the best hand out there and the chances of getting the best hand are pretty slim then fold.

You need to make a move here especially as what you do here will be setting up what happens after the river so if you are confident of your hand than you can bet big which will set you up well for the river if no-one finds their outs there.

If you have a great hand now would be the time to unveil it and you can do so with the check-raise. You need though to be aware of other online poker players who have been playing it slow.

Jeremy Evans - Strategy Advisor

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