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Basic Texas Holdem Poker River Strategy

After coming so far you don't want to blow it. That's where Texas Holdem Poker River Based Strategy comes in. Your standing in the online poker community and your reputation as an online poker player will ultimately be decided on what you do at this stage of the game.

At this phase in the hand you should now know how good your hand is and based on what you have seen in the earlier betting rounds you should have some idea what your opponents are holding.

Calculate the gulf between your hand and the best winning hand possible. If it is a large one, try to work out if one of your opponents has one of those better hands. Is it logical they would given their earlier behaviour? If they were betting big from the beginning could that be because they had good pocket cards which never improved?

At this stage there wouldn’t be that many people left in the hand unless everyone is totally loose so the strength of what your winning online poker hand is decreases.

If there are three to a flush or straight on the table then you need to take that into consideration. If there is a pair on the table you need to be thinking full house. If there is nothing on the table your three of a kind could be could enough to do it. It is imperative that you work out what the best hand possible is given the board. If not your Texas Holdem River Based Strategy is worthless.

If you have this far and are only up against one of two players don't fold especially if it is a small bet to call. That is if you have a reasonable hand.

There is the chance you can be rolled on the river by the bad beat and if that happens just take it in your stride. It happens all the time in online poker. You play that same hand another 19 times you will probably will 19 of them so don’t let something like that get to you.

Pauline Davis - Poker Expert

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