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Post-Flop Texas Holdem Strategy

The flop gives you some context about your hand now. You have five of the seven possible cards you are going to see. Online Poker Rooms have seen billions of dollars won and lost because of what happened at this stage of a hand due to Post-Flop Texas Holdem Poker Strategy At this stage anyone could have anything ranging from a Royal Flush to nothing so be wary. Then again a person who has low pair could also end up with four of a kind by the time the hand is done. Anyone who has played online poker before needs no explanation into the world of runner-runner finishes.

What people do after the flop is your biggest indicator of what people have. A great understanding of Post-Flop Texas Holdem Strategy will set you up here to be in a good position .If you have a strong hand you have choices but you don’t if you’re weak. If you are the latter fold and do so immediately unless everyone checks.

Take your pre-flop information and add it with what you see now. Who is betting what? How could the flop have changed the strength of their hand? How was the tone at the online poker table changed?

Things to consider After the Flop

Overcards - If your high card is a Queen and you see a King on the board then your chances of winning the hand are slim and fold without a second though. Even if you have the high pair be wary of a higher pocket pair.

Holding AA and don’t get a good flop - The biggest mistake players can make post-flop is they won’t let go of their good pocket cards even if they are a 99% chance to lose given a flush or straight draw.

Weak Kicker - The weak kicker is something which can prove your Achilles heel even if you make two pair. You can bet just to check out the competition.

Two Pair - People tend to get overexcited by this hand. You only need another card to have a full house but if you don’t you are left pot-committed and with the second weakest hand! A commone error in online poker is to slowplay this hand which you shouldn't as it could be the end of you. Bet big to knock out as many people as you can.

Middle Pair - Bet if you are late and no one else has bet. Fold if anyone bets or raises you.

Finding the Nuts - If you find yourself with an unbeatable hand on the flop then slow-play it. No point in scaring people away.

Over Pair - The highest card on the table is a Jack and you have two Queens so what should you do? You can bet to knock people out of the hand. You could check-raise or re-raise to tell whoever else is in the hand that you mean business.

Future Improvement - How strong is your hand currently and what could it become by the river? Can you beat the best hand which is out there?

Numbers - How many players are still in the hand? Is this consistent with what you saw pre-flop?

Raising - Did anyone raise and if so, why would they have done that?

High pair - You want to eliminate your opponents from the hand so bet. Be prepared to raise anyone’s bet so to knock out potential draws.

Drawing Hand - If you have four to the flush or straight you want others to stay in the hand to maximize your winnings.

Hit a Set - This is a great outcome especially in online poker if its with one of the lower cards on the table because no one will be expecting it. If there is a chance of a flush or straight draw bet big to knock the players looking for that out. Is better to have your pocket pair match up with a card on the board and one of your cards matching up with a pair on the board can lend itself to a full house.

So when should you stay in the hand?

One of the biggest misnomers about Post-Flop Texas Holdem Strategy is that you fold all the time. This obviously isn't the case and there are times when you have to stay in the hand. When is this the case?

  • You have the best hand available
  • Betting is light and you can improve on the turn and river

Pauline Davis - Poker Expert

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