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High-Low with Declare Poker

High-Low with Declare Poker Overview

High-Low with Declare Poker is a basic draw poker game which is based on Five Card Draw, but has a split pot. The game is suited towards 3-8 players, and requires 2 extra tokens which are designated as high and low for each player.

High-Low with Declare Poker Rules

Before play can begin, players ante up, placing a small sum of money in the pot. When all players have anted up, the dealer gives each player five cards, face down. Players examine their cards without showing them to any other player, and then there is a round of betting.

Beginning with the player to the dealer’s left, and moving clockwise around the table, each player has to determine their move. They can call the current bet and stay in, raise the bet and force other players to either add more money or leave the game, or they can fold, leaving the game. When the first round of betting is complete, all players still in the game may return up to three cards (or four if they hold an ace) to the dealer. The dealer replaces it with the same number of fresh cards from the top of the deck.

After this, there is a declaration. Each player takes his two tokens, and closes them in his hand or under the table. At the count of three, each player places the token for the hand he wishes to play for. Players can opt to play for the low hand, the high hand, or both.

After the declaration, there is another round of betting, followed by the showdown. If no player played a token for one of the hands, then the winner for the other gets the whole pot. If a player played a token for both, he must win both to win any money. Even a tie will not make him win. If a player played a token for both and tied on the high hand and won on the low hand, for example, the money goes to the hand he tied with and the next lowest hand, but none goes to him. As a result, it is risky to play for both.

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