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FreeRoll Poker tournaments

Freeroll Poker tournaments offer poker players a chance to play at an online poker tournament for free, meaning that they do not require any entry fees or buy-ins. Freeroll poker tournaments vary from online poker site to online poker site, so make sure that you know exactly what you are playing for.

Some poker sites offer cash prizes, while others offer player points as prizes or entry to additional online poker tournaments. The prize pool is funded by spectators' admissions, broadcast rights fees, sponsorship fees, or any of these options combined.

With everyone wanting to do well, tension is still high at Freeroll tournaments. Nonetheless, these are good for beginning online poker players, since they can have the experience of playing in an online poker tournament, without putting much on the line. In other words, the risks are small and the rewards can be big.

At times, a certain casino or cardroom offers a Freeroll tournament to steady players. Some sites require that you fulfill certain criteria in order to be eligible for Freeroll tournaments. This criteria may include having played a certain amount of hands, having played in other tournaments, or having bet a certain amount of money.

Remember that Freeroll tournaments are Multi Table tournaments and as such, they are usually packed with players. This means that if you see a Freeroll that you want to participate in, jump at the chance right away, otherwise you won't be able to get in.

In addition, Invitation Only tournaments are usually Freerolls. On the other hand, The Professional Poker Tour is an example of a Freeroll which players enter based on their previous tournament results.

John Tucker - Editorial Manager

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