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Electronic Gaming Tables Gain Popularity in The Casino Industry

Electronic multi-player table games (EMTs) are beginning to make their mark in the casino industry.

At the 2006 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas held in November, electronic poker, blackjack and roulette tables filled every aisle. Moreover, electronic poker tables are already being used in several casinos.

PokerTek CEO Lou White believes that the time it will take to implement these electronic tables in casinos will be directly affected by the relationship between the game's players and dealers. White says that the lack of connection between the poker player and the dealer really is the key to why the dealers are dispensable, a fact that will help electronic poker tables take off.

"We continue to believe that we're going to have 75 tables installed by the end of this calendar year," White says. "We already have the customers to (install 150 tables), and we believe that we're going to be a profitable company in 2007."

However, because of the fast-rising popularity of electronic table games, PokerTek is facing stiff competition from other companies offering the same services and products.

But White said he is not worried about the competition.

"Anything that helps speed the adoption of automated poker is great for PokerTek," White said.

"We have a clear lead in the technology, we have a clear lead in the regulatory approvals, we currently have 27 patent applications that cover a broad range of automated poker, and we're the only ones that I know of that have any tables installed anywhere."


December 20, 2006
William Atkins

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