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Buy Your Card Poker

Buy Your Card Overview

Buy Your Card is a game based on Five Card Draw, which is played with up-cards, so it is considered a stud game. It is suitable for 3-7 players.

Buy Your Card Poker Rules

Before the game begins, two things must be determined. First, the price of cards must be determined. In a 25 cent ante game, usually the cards will be priced at 25 cents, 50 cents, 75 cents, and a dollar. The other thing that must be determined is how many cards players can buy. A round of betting will follow every card a player buys, so more cards makes the game more interesting.

Once these things are decided, players need to ante up, putting a small sum into the pot. The dealer gives each player three cards facedown and two cards face-up. Then the dealer places three cards face up next to the deck. Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer, each player may purchase one card. The card farthest from the deck is cheapest, and the top card of the deck, which is facedown, is the most expensive.

The player can exchange any of his cards for the newly purchased card. If the new card was from the deck, it is facedown. Otherwise, the new card is placed face-up with the player’s other cards. If a player buys a face-up card, then the dealer takes the card from the top of the deck and replaces the card.

When all players have had a chance to purchase a card, there is a round of betting, beginning with the player to the dealer’s left. Moving clockwise around the table, players choose to call, meeting the current bet; raise, adding to the current bet and forcing all other players to meet the new bet; or to fold, adding no more money to the pot, but relinquishing any rights to the pot. When all players have made their bets, the next round begins. Again, players may purchase a single card. This is followed by another round of betting.

When the agreed-upon number of rounds has been completed, there is a showdown. Players show their cards, and the player with the best poker hand wins the pot.

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