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Black Mariah Poker

Black Mariah Overview

Black Mariah is a variant of High Chicago, but without a split pot. In fact, what would be considered a split pot in High Chicago leads to a re-deal in Black Mariah. Black Mariah is best played by 3-7 players.

Black Mariah Rules

Players ante up before the initial deal, putting a small sum in the pot to begin the game. The dealer gives each player two cards facedown, followed by a single card face-up. The player with the highest card showing begins the betting. Moving clockwise around the table, players decide whether to call the bet, raise the bet, or fold, giving up any right to the pot.

When the betting is over, the fourth card is dealt face-up, followed by a round of betting. The fifth and sixth cards are also dealt face-up, and each card is followed by a round of betting. The seventh card is dealt facedown, and there is a final round of betting.

Then there is a showdown. Players must accomplish two things in order to win the pot. They must first have the highest spade that is a hole card. Secondly, they must have the best five card poker hand. If the two are not held by the same player, then the game is re-anted, and it is played over again. The pot rises and rises in value until one player can meet both criteria.

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