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Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker Starting Hand Strategy

Aces here are great as they allow you to try to win both the high and the low hand. The main aspect of Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker Starting Hand Strategy is focusing on which of the high and the low you are going for. After a while, the more you play, the quicker your online poker strategy will kick in and you recognise this. Not that you have any say in the matter, you are just given the cards you are dealt but you want to already know which of the other online poker players Text you are up against.

It will become a game within a game as the lows take on each other and the highs do the same in pursuit of half of the pot.

If going for low you would already want two low cards and not to see too many as the door card of other players.

If you have low cards as well as straight/flush possibilities you are in a great position to scoop.

Betting aggressively here could eliminate much of your online poker opposition.

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