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Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker Seventh Street Strategy

With Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker Seventh street strategy, at this stage, you know exactly what is going on. If not online poker isn't for you or maybe you need to go over the online poker strategy again.

You can see who is on a eilgible low and try to see if their betting is consistent with going for a low.

If you have a low but aren't sure if its the lowest low on the table, see how confident the others are with their betting.

If you are high, you need to be wary of straight and flush hands which can scoop the pot. Having your high beaten here is one of the cruellest things which can happen in online poker.

If you are the only high or low at the table then bet high because no matter what happens you are assured of 50% of the pot.

If you are confident with your cards bet otherwise try to see the showdown without too much expense. Generally you don't want to be making stabs in this situation where you are not 100% of what is going on. This is poor Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker Seventh street strategy. Rather, you should have quite a firm grasp of what is happening at the table by this stage.

John Tucker - Editorial Manager
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