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Five Card Draw Poker Bluffing

If you want success in five card draw poker you need to have Five Card Draw Poker bluffing down pat. This is due to the fact that a winning Five Card Draw poker hand here could be as low as a pair of 2’s. You never know what the winning hand is going to be and that is where online poker strategy comes into play.

Like all online poker games, an integral part of five card draw poker is bluffing and you need to master this if you are to have any chance of success. But if you are going to attempt Five Card Draw Poker bluffing you have to do it right otherwise you risk big losses.

How to bluff in Five Card Draw Poker

In five card draw poker you have three pieces of information from which to ascertain what the other player might have. The initial bet, the amount of cards they swap and the final bet. Any or each of those may be a bluff.

One of the favored tricks when it comes to Five Card Draw Poker bluffing is not to take any cards. This gives the other players the impression that you have a great hand. On the other hand if you are bluffing you need to be careful because players are very wary of this tactic and may have no qualms in calling you. What does online poker strategy say to do in this instance? It says to make the right play.

Of course you may wish to bluff the other way to convince the other your hand isn’t as good as it really is. You may have four of a kind and by taking one card doesn’t give your online poker opponent much of a clue of what you have. You could have been trying to complete your straight or full house.

Don't be too obvious when you bluff and mix things around so your opponent isn't sure of when you are bluffing and when you aren't.

Pauline Davis - Poker Expert

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