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5 Card Draw Poker

The simplicity of 5 Card Draw makes it a great point of departure for poker novices, which is why it is the first poker variant acquired by many players. 5 Card Draw was the shining star of home poker, until the soaring popularity of Texas Holdem eventually replaced it in that department. Nonetheless, despite the scarcity of 5 Card Draw at poker tournaments or poker halls, it is still often played at home games, largely due to its prominent position in the history of poker where it frequently appeared in the poker scenes of Westerns.

In this section, Pokerteam's purpose is to teach beginners how to play 5 Card Draw poker and strengthen the skills of intermediate level players. Once one learns 5 Card Draw rules, the following topic that needs to be acquired is poker strategy. 5 Card Draw poker may be simple to learn, but that does not make it easy to win. So if you truly want to be a force to be reckoned with on the green felt, we recommend that you play often. On, you'll find a wide variety of play money free online poker games where novices can get ready to play real money games.

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