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444 Stud Poker

444 Stud Poker Overview

444 Stud Poker is a version of Eight Card Stud. Like Eight Card Stud, it is suitable for 3-6 players. Players show four cards and have four cards in the hole.

444 Stud Poker Rules

Before the deal, players ante up, placing a small sum of money in the pot. The dealer lays four cards face down in front of each player, and one card face up. There is a round of betting. Usually this round begins with the player showing the lowest card. That player must place a bring-in bet in order to stay in the game. Each player after the bring-in, moving clockwise around the table, is required to match that bet, referred to as calling, or raise the bet in order to stay in. If the bet has been raised, then all other players must call or raise the new, higher bet to stay in. If a player opts not to stay in, they can fold. A player who folds stops playing and loses any money they have put in, but does not need to add money to the pot.

When the betting round is completed, players receive their sixth, seventh, and eighth card, all face up. Each card is followed by a round of betting. After the eighth card is dealt and the round of betting is completed, there is a showdown. Each player composes the best possible poker hand using any five of his cards. The best hand wins the pot. It should be noted that fours are wild.

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